If you have been experiencing Anxiety, Tension or Panic and

you would like immediate Help and Relief, please

try these Audio Recordings

Do you struggle with Anxiety, Fears or Phobias and want to get BEYOND just coping

and managing

with the symptoms?

Have you been living with Chronic Pain and you want a BETTER QUALITY of LIFE?

To feel more comfort, more enjoyment, more like yourself?

Have you struggled with FERTILITY? Are you trying to get PREGNANT? 


Are you looking for a

NATURAL, more COMFORTABLE birthing process?

Do you have trouble getting to Sleep or Staying Asleep? Do you wish you could just QUIET YOUR MIND and have a RESTFUL SLEEP?

There are MANY USES for HYPNOTHERAPY, including Losing Weight, Quitting Smoking, Improving Sports Performance...and so much more!

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Listen to Liana speak about Hypnotherapy on Mind Body Radio