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Appointments - What to Expect

Online Appointments

Arbutus Hypnotherapy provides online appointments only. Please see Online Appointments for more information.

Residents of Canada

All clients must be residents of Canada. If you are not a resident of Canada, please let me know and I can suggest another Hypnotherapist who can accommodate international clients.

The First Appointment – FREE Consultation


The first appointment is a FREE 1 Hour Consultation, where we have an opportunity to meet and discuss your goal(s). I want to understand what you would like to change, and the experiences and situations that contributed to the challenge(s) in the first place. I pay attention to your history and relationships, as well as the language you use and the associations and beliefs that have developed from the experiences. This allows me to provide effective help in an individualized way. I customize each session specifically for you. In the Consultation, I will answer any questions you may have about Hypnotherapy and I will explain the approach I will use to help you reach your goal(s).


The Consultation also allows both of us to determine if we are a fit for each other. I want you to feel comfortable working with me, and I will only accept clients that I know that I can help. For Hypnotherapy to work effectively, we both need to feel like it’s a fit.


You may have noticed that there is no Hypnosis in the first appointment (the Consultation). This is so we can devote a full hour to getting to know each other and share information to set the stage for future appointments.


Second and Further Appointments


Your second appointment happens on a different date from the Consultation, generally 3-7 days (or more) after the Consultation.


The second, and further appointments, usually follow the same process: we start with a chat to touch base and see where you are at with your goal(s), and what may have changed since our last appointment, and then in most appointments we move into a Hypnosis session, which can last approximately 25-50 mins.


It is important to note that a Hypnosis session may not be provided at each appointment. If there is a lot to discuss about your goal(s) or situation, we may have a conversation for the entire appointment. Conversation appointments don't happen often, but they are an important part of the therapeutic process, so they are necessary from time to time.


What’s next? How do I book an appointment?


If you are a new client, you start with booking a FREE 1 Hour Consultation.


You may also want to book your next appointments to ensure you get the dates and times that work best for you. If you are unable to make an appointment that you booked in advance, you can cancel it with no penalty. Please provide as much notice as possible for a cancellation.


It is best to allow at least 3-7 days between appointments. This gives your mind a chance to process and integrate the information from your previous session, and be ready for the next session.


Please note: Arbutus Hypnotherapy requires a minimum of 6 Hypnotherapy Appointments for Birthing clients.

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