According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, approximately 16% of couples (or 1 in 6 couples) in Canada experience infertility. There are many experiences that women can have when trying to conceive. Maybe some these experiences are familiar to you:


  • Sex has become more about conceiving than enjoyment.

  • Waiting with anticipation for the time in your cycle when you can take a pregnancy test.

  • Spending a lot of money on pregnancy tests, month after month.

  • The feeling of sadness, disappointment or frustration with multiple negative pregnancy test results.

  • Constantly looking for possible pregnancy symptoms.

  • Feeling pressure, from yourself or others, to conceive.

  • Having to answer questions about your family plans (Are you going to have kids? Do you want children? Do you want another child? Are you pregnant?).

  • Worrying about fertility treatments or assistive reproductive treatments (the cost, the impact on your body, if they work, the pressure to have them succeed, etc.).


Do you want a baby more than anything, but find you also worry about some of the following:

  • The financial impacts of having a baby.

  • The possibility of your relationship with your partner changing.

  • How an additional baby would affect your other children.

  • What pregnancy could do to your body.

  • How having a baby would impact your career.

  • If you will be a good or capable parent.

  • If you have enough space for a baby.

  • If you have enough support for you and your family (family, friends, medical).


We tend to hold stresses, tensions and emotions in our bodies, which can negatively impact our bodies’ ability to function. I help you to address any underlying concerns and negative messages associated with pregnancy, birthing and parenthood, which frees up your body to work in a BALANCED way. This improves your NATURAL FERTILITY on its own, and also supports any other treatment that you may be receiving.


For some women, past sexual and/or reproductive experiences may contribute to a feeling of apprehension about what may happen with another pregnancy.

  • Miscarriages – concerns around if it will happen again and wondering if something may be wrong with yourself or your body.

  • Past sexual trauma and allowing access to your body.

  • A previous difficult or traumatic pregnancy or birth that influences your expectations for what’s to come.


Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic process that allows you to address past experiences so that you can move forward with PEACE and have your next pregnancy and birth be FRESH, POSITIVE experiences. Hypnotherapy allows you to prepare and plan so that you can feel CONFIDENT and in CONTROL throughout your pregnancy, the birthing process and your transition into parenthood.


If you would like to discuss how Hypnotherapy can help improve your fertility, start by booking a FREE 1 hour free Consultation.




Once you are pregnant, Hypnotherapy can help as well! Hypnotherapy can help you have a more PEACEFUL PREGNANCY by:


  • Reducing the side effects of pregnancy (e.g. morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn);

  • Improving your sleep;

  • Improving your physical comfort;

  • Increasing bonding with your baby;

  • Balancing your emotional well-being and lessening mood swings; and

  • Addressing any worries or concerns, and increasing your confidence, around pregnancy, birthing and parenthood.


Hypnotherapy for birthing, more commonly called Hypnobirthing, is a SAFE, NATURAL way to prepare for the birthing process. Using Hypnotherapy, I provide you with relaxation techniques for the birthing process, and I help you to address any underlying sources of apprehension, tension and tightness. This allows for a SMOOTHER, more COMFORTABLE birthing process. Studies show that women who use Hypnobirthing:


  • have more comfortable birthing process with less pain and discomfort;

  • have a quicker birthing process (the first stage can be significantly shortened);

  • are less likely to require medical interventions (such as induction, forceps, c-section, etc.); and

  • are less likely to require medication.


Hypnotherapy for birthing provides a wide range of BENEFITS that are helpful beyond just the birthing process:

  • A stronger sense of control and confidence throughout the birthing process and the transition into parenthood.

  • Improving your quality of sleep during pregnancy, as well as once your baby is born.

  • A smoother and quicker recovery.

  • A lower rate of post-partem depression.

  • Strengthening the bond with your baby.

  • Helping with breastfeeding/nursing.


If this sounds good to you, start by booking a FREE 1 hour Consultation to discuss how Hypnotherapy can help with your pregnancy and birth experience.


Please note that Arbutus Hypnotherapy requires a minimum of 6 hypnosis appointments for Birthing Clients.

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