Are you preparing for a Medical, Surgical or Dental Procedure and want help INCREASING your COMFORT and CONFIDENCE and decreasing anxiety and recovery time?


Having any medical procedure, from a dental cleaning to a complex surgery, can generate anxiety for people. Many people worry about the unknowns as well as the potential risks. Some people avoid or cancel medical appointments and procedures because of their fears or concerns. Some people go to appointments, but feel nervous, nauseous or emotional for days ahead of time. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone!

  • Have you ever worried about a medial or dental procedure and how it will go?

  • Do you worry about experiencing pain or discomfort?

  • Are you triggered by the sights, sounds and smells in a medical or dental room?

  • Do you experience anxiety when you see dental tools or other medical instruments?

  • Do you have a fear of needles?

  • Do you dislike medical settings, such as a hospital or dentist's office?

  • Have you had a negative experience that is causing you to worry about a future procedure?

  • Have you cancelled or re-booked an appointment or procedure because you are nervous about it?

  • Do you worry about your recovery?

  • Are you concerned about a dental or medical procedure because you feel like you may not be in control or have control during the procedure?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable with someone else having access to your body?

  • Do you worry about COVID-19 - the protocols, social impacts and/or vaccines?


Hypnotherapy can help to alleviate these worries and fears, and so many more! Hypnotherapy is a SAFE, NATURAL way to help prepare you for a dental, surgical or medical procedure, by increasing your COMFORT and CONFIDENCE and decreasing your stress. When you feel more COMFORTABLE and CALM, your body responds better to the procedure and your recovery time is reduced. Specific health and recovery concerns can also be addressed.

Don't risk your health by putting off a valuable medical or dental procedure. Get help with making the experience easier and more RELAXING for yourself. Feel like you are in control and have a say in your body and your health.

Hypnotherapy can help you have a POSITIVE medical, surgical or dental experience!


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