There are many uses for Hypnotherapy. Here are just a few areas where it can help you:


Breaking Habits (Nail Biting, Scratching, Pulling Out Hair, etc.) – a habit is just a pattern or association that is stuck in a cycle; discover and address the source of the habit and then break the cycle.

Birthing - address various aspects of birthing and parenting to create a safe, natural and more comfortable birthing experience.

Conceiving/Fertility - address any concerns/worries about pregnancy and parenting, and support optimal reproductive health to increase your changes of conceiving.


Discovering Your Passion and Goal Setting – tap into your innermost thoughts and feelings, find what excites you and incorporate it into your goals and plans.


Dream Interpretation – understand the symbolism and meaning behind a recurring or significant dream.

Kids and Teens - natural help for kids and teens in a variety of areas, including anxiety/fears (animals, needles, heights, etc.), stress/performance (tests/studying, sports, theatre, etc.), breaking habits (nail biting, scratching, etc.) and sleep/bedtime.

Losing Weight – lose weight by increasing your awareness around eating (healthy options, portion sizes, etc.), changing the eating behaviours or routines that are holding you back, and/or increasing your motivation and persistence with exercising.


Preparing For and Taking Exams and Tests – reduce the stress and do your best.


Sports Performance – improve your game by increasing your focus and awareness, working well with teammates, and/or quickly recovering from a “bad play”.


Quitting Smoking – this is probably the best known use of Hypnotherapy – break the habit and reclaim your health.

And So Much More!

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