Client Cancellation


An appointment must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time, otherwise the full appointment fee will be charged to the client.


I understand that life happens and unexpected events pop up. Last-minute cancellations are permitted in emergency/urgent situations; however, if there are two last-minute cancellations, the full session fee will be charged to the client for any future cancellations.


Lates & No Shows

If a client is late for an appointment, the appointment will still end at the scheduled time, and the client will be charged the full amount for the appointment. A client who is more than 15 minutes late without prior arrangement or notice, forfeits the appointment and will be charged the full amount for the appointment.  

A client that does not show up for a scheduled appointment will be charged the full amount for the appointment.

Package Cancellation


Any unused appointments that were booked in advance as part of a package may be cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time(s). If the cancellation policy is followed, the appointment fees will be fully refunded, otherwise the full fee is charged to the client.


Provider Cancellation


Because I am a one-person-business, I may occasionally have to cancel appointments due to last minute circumstances that pop up for me. I will make every effort to re-book your appointment with at least 24 hours notice. If I need to cancel or re-book your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled time, your next appointment is on me! (Free!).

Thank you for your understanding.

Exceptions to Cancellation Policy  


Any cancellations made by either party for extenuating circumstances, such as inaccessibility due to winter driving conditions or power outage at the office, are not subject to the cancellation policy (i.e. as much notice as possible is given and there is no penalty if less than 24 hours).

Payment is Due In-Person at Your Appointment

April 12, 2020 UPDATE: Until further notice, all appointments are online. Payment will accepted by e-transfer or credit card only (credit card information given over the phone).


Arbutus Hypnotherapy (in office appointments) accepts:

  • Cash

  • Cheque (payable to Arbutus Hypnotherapy)

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • American Express

  • Interac

  • e-Transfer 

Online Sessions are payable by:

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • American Express

  • e-Transfer 

Online Appointment payment is due at your appointment. Credit card information is given over the phone.

6-Session Package:

Full payment of the total package amount is due at the first appointment after the Free Consultation.


Extra Charges 

Any extra charges (including NSF fees, and any bank fees or interest expenses associated with late or inaccurate payment) are charged to the client.




There are no refunds for appointments that have already taken place.


The fees for any unused appointments in a package will be refunded (as long as the Cancellation policy was followed).


Please note that it may take up to 30 days for a refund to be processed.


You May Not Receive a Hypnosis Session at Every Appointment


Hypnosis is not provided at the Free Consultation, and a Hypnosis session may not be provided at each appointment. If there is a lot to discuss about your goal(s) or situation, we may have a conversation for the entire appointment. Generally, conversation appointments don't happen often, but they are an important part of the therapeutic process, and so they are necessary from time to time.

Hypnosis Session Duration

The Hypnosis portion of an appointment may run between 25 and 45 minutes.

Online Appointments

Online appointments are subject to the same rates and fees as all other appointments.


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