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For anyone wanting to try meditation, but needing an introduction or guide, I highly recommend Headspace (www.headspace.com). Andy leads you through the meditations and provides simple and useful explanations of the mind. I had attempted many times to quiet my mind on my own. I tried to pay attention to my breathing and clear my thoughts and I wasn’t very successful, but just a few minutes into the first session I exhaled and relaxed like I never had before! (And P.S. – Andy let’s you know that having thoughts is perfectly ok during meditation, and anytime!)

It’s a website and an app! There are ten 10 minute sessions that are free to try, and if you like it you can subscribe to Headspace, which opens up all sorts of targeted sessions for sleep, anxiety, focus, acceptance, self-esteem, and more! There are even sessions for more emergency-type situations, like panic or flying…and material for kids.

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