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My Hypnotherapy Story

I thought I would (belatedly) kick-off my 2020 posts with my own hypnotherapy story:

I first became aware of hypnotherapy as a client. I was struggling with generalized

anxiety as well as acute anxiety triggered in certain situations. After just a few

hypnotherapy sessions, I began to feel a shift in my being - I felt a noticeable calm.

Over time, I experienced many positive, meaningful results throughout my life. Probably

the most important result for me was feeling like myself again. I was no longer looking

at life through a lens of anxiety, I felt like I was in control of my life again.

From the start, I was impressed with the effectiveness of hypnotherapy and how it works.

We have two parts of the mind - the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind

is our everyday, waking mind and awareness. Since we often consider this to be our “regular" mind mode, we do most of our problem-solving in that mode as well. The subconscious mind lies below the surface and often goes unnoticed, but is a tremendous resource for our well-being. The subconscious mind is home to all of our long-term memories, as well as our emotions and creativity. It knows about our fears and concerns, but also all of our hopes, dreams and desires. The subconscious tries to help us reach our goals, while also protecting us from what we fear, but it doesn’t always strike the right balance, and that’s when we can notice that things aren’t working. The subconscious is also constantly communicating to us, but we usually aren’t aware of the messages. In hypnosis, we can access this wealth of information and insight to help resolve issues. As a hypnotherapy client, I got to tap into my own inner wisdom, which helped me move past challenges that had held me back for years.

I was so impressed with hypnotherapy that I trained to be a hypnotherapist, and now I feel

so privileged to be able to help others get where they want to be. I am absolutely amazed

at the power of the mind - it’s intrinsic ability to communicate, help and heal. I have

witnessed physical ailments subside in clients. I have seen calm, comfort and confidence

increase. I have seen clients gain peace with past traumas. Overall, I see a common theme

of people just wanting to be free of the past, wanting to feel like themselves and enjoy

their lives. I have seen hypnotherapy provide them with those gifts...myself included!

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