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What Are You Drawn To?

Fun fact – the banner pictures on the Arbutus Hypnotherapy website and the nature pictures on this blog were taken by me! I like photography, but I don’t have any training, or even any fancy equipment. I am just drawn to the beauty of nature and I find that when I am out-and-about I just notice scenes as pictures. I often race to find my phone or camera to capture the feeling of the colours, lighting or energy. It just makes me happy!

But if I were ever asked about my hobbies, I’m not sure I would list photography. I don’t take it too seriously and I don’t devote much time to it, and yet, I love it. And I want to grow my skill set as well. So, I guess it is a hobby, but I just don’t label it that way.

What gives you joy? What are you drawn to? Do you call it a hobby? How does it impact you and your life?

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