First Appointment – 1 Hour Consultation – FREE


Standard Rates 

1 Hour Hypnotherapy Appointment:  $125.00 

1 ½ Hour Hypnotherapy Appointment:  $187.50

Update: 6-Session Package:  $675.00


Senior (60+)

(Please show valid Picture ID (e.g. Driver’s License) at your first appointment)

1 Hour Hypnotherapy Appointment:  $100.00 

1 ½ Hour Hypnotherapy Appointment:  $150.00 

Update: 6-Session Package:  $540.00

Child/Minor/Student Rates 

(Please show valid Picture ID (e.g. Student Card, Health Card) at your first appointment)

Hypnotherapy Appointment:  $100.00 

Update: 6-Session Package:  $540.00

6-Session Package


Have your appointments all planned out!


You can book a 6-session package in advance. A package consists of six 1 hour appointments. The FREE 1 hour Consultation is not part of the package.


Package Rate: $675.00 

Senior (60+) and Student/Child/Minor Package Rate: $540.00 


That is a 10% savings on the regular rates!


Simply book six 1 hour appointments (allowing 3-7 days (or more) between appointments). If you are a new client, please book a FREE 1 hour Consultation as your first appointment, as well as 6 additional appointments as part of the package.


The total package amount ($675 or $540) is due at your first appointment after the Consultation. You may cancel any unused appointments in the package and receive a refund for any sessions that were not used. 


Please also note: Arbutus Hypnotherapy requires a minimum of 6 Hypnotherapy Appointments for Birthing clients.


Payment is Due at Your Appointment

The following forms of payment are accepted:

Credit card information is provided over the phone.

Extra Charges 

Any extra charges (including NSF fees, and any bank fees or interest expenses associated with late or inaccurate payment) are charged to the client.