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GREAT NEWS! Since we are working directly with the Subconscious Mind, Hypnotherapy is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE therapeutic method.

Typically, clients notice an improvement in how they feel and their overall outlook within a few sessions, and they see significant progress and results within 6 to 10 sessions. 

It is also important to note that Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic process. The rate of progress/results depends on many factors, including the complexity of the issue(s) as well as the rate at which each individual processes information. It is also common for clients to start Hypnotherapy with one overall goal in mind and then spend time exploring contributing factors and associations, which can generate additional related goals.

We begin each appointment with a check-in chat, and it is important that clients let me know about how they are progressing with their goal(s). Often, when we are in the midst of a challenge or change, it can be difficult to recognize or define progress. I can help bring awareness to what has already changed and what can be seen as really positive steps toward change.


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