Do you have trouble getting to Sleep or Staying Asleep? Do you wish you could just QUIET YOUR MIND and have a RESTFUL SLEEP?


  • Do you find it difficult to “turn off your mind” and fall asleep?

  • Do you ever check the clock and calculate how much sleep you would get if you “fall asleep now”?

  • Do your aches and pains make it difficult to fall asleep?

  • Do you wake up in the middle of the night - to go to the bathroom, because of physical discomfort, to help a child or because of a loud sound – and then find it challenging to get back to sleep?

  • In bed, do you worry about getting things done the next day, or about the things that you didn’t get to during that day?

  • Do you wake up before your alarm because you feel anxious and you are anticipating the day ahead?

  • Do you use sleep aids (medications, sound machines, eye mask, etc.)?

  • Do you wake up still feeling tired?


Sleep challenges are very common! And sleep impacts many aspects of our lives – from relationships and productivity to health and happiness!


Hypnotherapy can help you to understand the source(s) of your sleep challenges and put them to rest so that you can have a great sleep! By increasing your physical comfort and decreasing worries and distractions, you can fall asleep more easily and enjoy a PLEASANT, DEEP and RESTORATIVE SLEEP.


Imagine getting the most out of any amount of sleep, no matter how long it is, and return to sleep easily if your sleep is interrupted.


Get a great night’s sleep and wake up feeling REFRESHED and ready for the day!

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