What clients are saying about Liana and Arbutus Hypnotherapy...

"The experience was a positive one for me. I was looking for ways to overcome aspects of anxiety and depression. Her hypnosis certainly got me into a very relaxed state and the visualizations were powerful. I never thought that Liana's work would take effect so quickly. Looking forward to going back."   - CJB


"I had a very serious and scary upcoming spinal surgery and I was in a significant amount of pain. I was open to trying any kind of treatment and had heard from a couple of people that they found hypnotherapy helpful. I went to Liana to attempt to address my nerve pain as well as to help calm my nerves and anxiety. One session with Liana was more effective for my anxiety than ten counselling sessions. I immediately felt more at ease and even my family noticed a difference in my mood. My perspective had changed from fearing my surgery to feeling hopeful. Nerve pain is especially hard to manage and I was on very heavy medications. Hypnotherapy significantly helped my anxiety around my pain which I believe helped lessen my overall pain level and definitely helped with my sleep. Liana is kind and empathetic and extremely professional. I highly recommend seeing her and being open to hypnotherapy."   - Lindsay 

"I absolutely recommend Arbutus Hypnotherapy. Liana is amazing, she is very professional and takes the time to explain what is going to take place, what you may or may not experience and she walks you through the whole process. She helps you understand why and how the treatment/treatments work. I feel very lucky to have this process recommended to me and had no idea it could be an option to help me with my allergies and look forward to continue seeing Liana for hypnotherapy."   - ST

"Liana taught me to listen to myself and to slow down. After 4 years of using medication to manage chronic pain, I no longer need it. I sleep better, and have a higher quality of life, all thanks to Liana's skill and compassion."   - Kim Dillon

"Liana is the real deal! She is professional, non-judgmental and caring. Always well prepared and a natural. She has guided me through hypnosis many times and I am grateful to the process. I feel invigorated, relaxed and aligned after each session. I can’t recommend her enough."   - Kelli G.