Wellness & Personal Growth Workshops

Join me (Liana) for six weeks of conversations that support you in your personal growth and well-being. We will discuss thought-provoking topics designed to prompt your own exploration of your perspectives, beliefs and anything that may be holding you back from feeling your best. My hope is that you:

  • feel supported and part of a larger community;

  • feel more optimistic (knowing some of the reasons for what you may be feeling or going through and finding opportunity within that);

  • find inspiration to look at things in a new way; and

  • perhaps even make a positive change in your life.


Workshop Topics

  • How the Mind Works

  • What is Hypnosis

  • Getting Good Sleeps

  • Loving Yourself

  • Acceptance

  • Getting Comfortable With the Uncomfortable

  • Identity

  • Balance

  • Play (For You!!)

  • Connection

  • Parenting

Who Can Join the Workshop

Each workshop series is offered to a specific group of people. The group demographic is selected because of demand and to help participants feel comfortable in a group with others who share similar experiences.

If you are interested in some or all of the topics and you do not belong to one of the groups, please let me know. If there is enough interest, there may be a future series that is a better fit for you. Groups are listed below in the Upcoming Series section.

Participants of the workshop must be residents of Canada.

Workshop (Series) Format

The workshop series consists of 6 online sessions, held weekly. Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes (1 ½ hours).

There is a maximum of 6 participants, plus Liana. A series needs a minimum of 3 participants to run.

I understand that our schedules are full and may you not be able to make it to each session, however attendance at the first session is required. If you are unable to make it to the first session, you can be rescheduled into a future series (if space is available).

Sessions will be held in a private online meeting space in Microsoft Teams. You do not need the app or program to participate. Once you have registered, a link will be sent to you for the sessions. At the meeting time, click on the link and follow the prompts and you will access a private video chat. (Please keep an eye on your Junk and Spam folders because the emails sometimes end up there.)

All participants will be required to complete a Participant Agreement that lays out participation and privacy policies.

Weekly Session Format

Each session will begin with a conversation about a specific topic. I will lead the conversation. You are not required to participate or share with the group, although you are certainly welcome to contribute if you wish.

The conversation will be followed by guided relaxation or guided support session. A guided relaxation is where you follow along as I lead you through imagining a relaxing scenario. A guided support session is where I lead you to a relaxed state and then I go over the main ideas that were discussed in our conversation. Guided relaxation and guided support are forms of Hypnosis and Hypnosis will be discussed in the first session.

There is more information about Hypnosis on this website. You can also check out one of the Sample Hypnosis Sessions on this website  – they are very similar to the guided relaxation and guided support portions of these sessions.

Sharing & Privacy

This series is a place and time for personal reflection, exploration and growth. You can choose to participate in the discussions as much or as little as feels right for you.

This series is intended to be a safe setting where positive support is provided. Participants must respect all members of the group, and confidentiality is required from all participants.  

Payment & Spreading the Word

Payment is up to you! At the end of the series, you can decide what the sessions are worth to you and what you can afford to pay. I appreciate any and all contributions. Suggested value: $20/session = $120 for the series

Payments are accepted by e-transfer to payments@arbutushypnotherapy.com. A receipt will be provided.

If you find the series helpful, I would also greatly appreciate your support through social media and word of mouth. Please feel free to post on your social media channels and/or recommend the series to your family, friends and contacts. You can direct them to this webpage for more information.

Upcoming Series (Please check regularly for new series dates)

Moms of School Aged Children - Thursdays - Weekly from May 19th to June 23rd, 2022, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Must register before May 16th - Registration Closed

Moms of School Aged Children - Saturdays - Weekly from May 14th to June 25th (no session June 18th), 2022,

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Must register before May 11th - Registration Closed


To register, please send a message to liana@arbutushypnotherapy.com with your name and the series you would like. 

Comments From Participants

"The biggest hurdle for me in taking this course was carving out the time. I'm so glad that I did! I finished each course feeling connected, lifted, relaxed and refreshed. It was an excellent way to ground myself and a valuable reminder of what is important to me in life. It was a way for me to remember to treat myself with kindness and compassion everyday. I'm suspicious of "self-help" and I felt that this steered well away from a focus of fixing what is wrong with you, and towards self-acceptance and self-ownership. It was not wishy-washy. There were simply laid out explanations of the science behind how the mind and body work together and how you can have more control over how that plays out in your day-to-day life. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the group dynamic but Liana lead the group with humour and compassion, and no pressure to share. The explanations were followed by discussions of how the various topics present for us in real life, and the tools we can use to be more "in" ourselves. The sessions closed with a guided exercise that had me relaxed in a way that I rarely get to on my own. I have used the tools many times since the course and go back to the posts for little refreshers from time to time and have even practiced some of them with my daughter. I'm very glad that I invested the time to take this course, to connect with others and to connect with myself. I would highly recommend this for anyone, especially caregivers." - Danielle S (Moms of School Aged Children Participant)

"This workshop is necessary on so many levels for all moms/parents. I didn’t realize how deeply entrenched I was in my identity as just a mother. Liana reminded me to check in with myself and gave me tools to realize (or re-realize) who I was before motherhood. We do not need to limit ourselves or compromise our values. And also, we can still have fun and find that joy we see in our kids. I highly recommend this for everyone whether you are new to parenting or a seasoned veteran!"   - Lindsay B (Moms of School Aged Children Participant)


"I was a little nervous to commit to a 6 week series, because I did have to carve out the time to do it, but I have no regrets. Connecting with others and hearing them share their stories about parenting allowed me to breathe more easily. The tools that I was taught and given from this series are things I can use everyday to achieve a better self which then allows me to lead by example for my family. Totally worth it!"  - CJB (Moms of School Aged Children Participant)